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Hello dear friend. Thank you for your interest in our project.
The idea of the game originated back in 2015. At the end of December, we successfully passed greenlight, but due to unavoidable circumstances the development has dragged on, and has even been frozen for a while.
Competition has forced us to accelerate the pace, but not to turn off the chosen path!
Now the game is in the early access, and we welcome any of your suggestions and comments.

What can be done in "Video Blogger Story" right now?

1. Recreate yourself or your favorite blogger. Give your character not only similar appearance, but also any combination of characteristics
2. Try various combinations of characteristics and emotions for video capturing. Find the best choice for a variety of genres
3. Make let’s plays of 170+ games
4. Get feedback from the audience and learn how spectators will react to a particular characteristic
5. Choose your own approach to the production of videos: fast and frequent or slow, but qualitatively
6. Decide what is more important at the moment – high income from advertising or audience loyalty
7. Make high quality videos and get into the «Up and Coming»
8. Encounter with both positive and negative events. Take the challenge and learn how it will affect the channel’s popularity
9. See how negative reaction of audience can affect the motivation and quality of filming
10. Find your own way to the TOP10

What will be in the first updates of "Video Blogger Story"

  • The ability to make “streams”
  • Upgraded comment system with the introduction of useful tips
  • Improved system of subscribers and views collecting, integrated with the time

How will the final version of "Video Blogger Story" look like?

  • Instead of let's plays the ability to make vlogs, reviews and pranks
  • The variety of subjects and locations for outside filming will make it available to get your own theme
  • It will be possible to organize a real studio with professional equipment, to get additional characters to your videos or to make your own team
  • The new in-game social network will appear and a magazine about UTube’s life
  • And, of course, lots of other things which we keep in secret ;)

Your character can become a video blogger of any genre. Create an ordinary doodle or your own virtual incarnation! The only limit is your imagination! Forward, to the top of UTube!

Dear friends! We have not forgotten about our project. We are developing it systematically. Soon, it will be available to get new updates and game development. We set up new server and renewed online playing mode. Also, we added a chat between all players. Finally, we are going to make our own social network. Sincerely, 5Wolf. ---------- Друзья! Мы не забыли о проекте. Мы планомерно развиваем его, в скором времени будут доступны новые обновления и развитие игры. Мы подняли сервера и возобновили ...


Дорогие друзья! Спасибо что остаетесь с нами. Вы долго ждали это обновление. И на то были причины: - Игра перенесена с движка Construct 2 на Unity. Что значительно расширило наши возможности для дальнейшей работы и оптимизации игры - Создан и настроен игровой сервер. Теперь в ТОПе присутствуют только реальные игроки и вы можете посетить их каналы. В дальнейшем мультиплеерный режим будет только развиваться - Внесены корректировки в расчет количества просмотров, подписчиков, лайков и т.д. Теперь с...


Dear friends! Thank you that you remain with us. You have waited long for that update. And for that there were many reasons: - A game is converted from Construct 2 to Unity. What considerably expanded our opportunities for optimization of a game and further work - New game server is added. Now at the TOP there are only real players and you can visit their channels. The foundation for active interaction of players is laid further! - Corrections are made in calculation of number of viewings, subsc...


Dear friends! We have translated game and added streams to english players. Now the game will be more interesting. Furthermore, we will carry over the game to the new Unity system, so you will not have problem with optimization. Thank you for joining us. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Друзья! Мы обновили игру и ввели стримы для англоязычных игроков. Теперь игра для вас станет интереснее. Так же в скором времени мы перенесем игру на Юнити, и проблем с оптимиз...


Dear Friends! We are presenting one of the biggest updates - since this moment you can film streams. This is a base for the game and it will be improved all the time. Furthermore, we are transforming games to the new system unity, this system will give us more opportunities in the optimization, animation and gameplay. Unfortunately, streams are now available only in russian. Translation to English will be soon in new updates. ----------------------------------------------------------------------...




  • OS: Windows 7 x64
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GT/s 4xx or Equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 350 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Integrated Audio
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