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Ymir is a 4X multiplayer strategy game with city builder elements. The game was developed and published by Thibaud Michaud on March 16th, 2019.

In Ymir, all players start to develop their own civilization of Pigmen, starting from the stone age. This title has two interfaces, a regional view, and a world map view. World titles match a specific procedurally generated isometric zone that can be explored, settled, and built on by anyone. These zones can contain resources such as animals, plants, or ores.

The game doesn't let you control the population and economy directly. Your people will breed, age, work, and buy things on their own, according to the simulation. The population is divided into social classes depending on their incomes, purchasing power, and revenues, the resource prices get based on supply and demand systems, as well as rarity and production costs. Instead of set in stone game rules, the game's simulator makes all variables and actions in-game interact and influence each other in unpredictable ways.

Real-time battles in Ymir aren't instanced and take place in cities. Forts can be defended with walls, gates, towers, battlements, and canals can be dug around them and filled with water. Thanks to an advanced Strategic-tool, players can design their defensive strategy in case of attack, as battles are controlled by the AI and can happen without the player being present at that moment.

There are two main game modes available in the game: Real-time mode and Persistent mode. The first one is a classic mode that is designed to be played alone or with a couple of friends with everyone being present at all times. The Persistent mode is more like an MMO where the game servers runs 24/7 and all actions take more time. This game mode is meant to last several weeks.

A complex simulation/strategy/city builder with a lot of depth, Ymir is a must buy for anyone that's looking for an enthralling and engaging game.

This new update adds a long-needed small feature: the hiding of undiscovered resources. This has been needed for game balance for a long time. The problem was that all resources being visible from the start, all territorial conflicts would occur mostly in the beginning of the game as every player would naturally try to secure all the needed strategic resources, then turtling for the rest of the game. Now, multiple resources are hidden until the tech associated with them is discovered: for exampl...


Here is finally another update with miscellaneous bug fixes, exploit fixes, and general rebalancing! As always, this news also includes in its changelog all the previous hotfixes that were published since the last news. Notable changes: – Wild animals now leave territories of growing cities above 800pop after a small grace first because it was absurd to hunt animals in the middle of a city, and also because it will make meat more scarce and thus valuable. – Waste was slightly reduced but it now ...


Multiple hotfixes have been applied since the last update, rather than a bigger thematic update. This is the changelog of all the cumulative hotfixes including today's. It includes many bug and exploit fixes, an update of the anti-cheating and new formation types. I'm aiming to get a stable enough version so i can resume working on new features in the next updates. Below is the cumulated changelog of all the hotfixes published since the last update, including a new hotfix today (bottom of the ch...


This new small update mostly changes things on the server side, thus it doesnt bring much new things visible to players, and is mostly focused on rebalancing the overall game’s tech progress rythm. This update modifies some mechanics about how ideas are unlocked, and adds 2 new ways of discovering ideas: Ideas can now passively spread along trade routes and with neighboring states you are at peace with. You can now learn ideas from a foreign culture if present in one of your cities, which would ...


This update adds 16 minutes of new original soundtrack, with 3 new tracks made by Ben Rawles and 1 track from a guest composer Levi Bond. Thanks to incomes generated since the Early Access release i was able to commission these new tracks to add more diversity in the musics and reduce their repetitivity: for a game meant to run for multiple hours its especially important to have a soundtrack as long as possible. I'll eventually keep commissioning additional tracks as long as i can! Besides that ...






  • OS: Windows 8
  • Processor: Intel core i5
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7800, screen resolution 1920x1080
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 2 GB available space


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