Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team
May 22, 2014
Jump into the rich world of Warhammer 40,000 in this fast paced 3rd person action shooter. As one of the Emperor's Elite Space Marines you have b…
Talisman: Digital Edition
Feb. 25, 2014
The officially licensed multiplayer version of the fantasy adventure board game is here, and it is called Talisman Digital Edition. The game was deve…
Talisman: Origins
May 16, 2019
Talisman: Origins is a whole new way to experience the classic 1983 board game. Play through the never-before-seen historic events that forged th…
Talisman - The Sacred Pool Expansion
May 29, 2015
“Judgement day has arrived...The endless struggle between the spirits of light and the forces of darkness is escalating. Mighty heroes are call…
Talisman - The Blood Moon Expansion
Aug. 4, 2016
“A pale glow engulfs the land… Once in a generation, the Blood Moon begins its fell cycle, bathing the realm in a pallid light. Compelle…
Mystic Vale
Jan. 31, 2019
Mystic Vale is a deck-building card game where up to 4 players take control of druid clans in order to purge the land from a sinister curse. The game…
Talisman: Digital Edition - Season Pass
Jan. 10, 2014
Please note that all of the below DLC items are available separately Enhance your Talisman experience with every single physical expansion and cha…
Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition
Nov. 12, 2020
Europe stands on the edge of destruction. The nights grow colder and the days grow darker, as Dracula builds his bloodthirsty army of mindless thrall…
Love Letter
Oct. 24, 2018
DRAW, PLAY AND BLUFF, FOR ONLY ONE SUITOR WILL BE ABLE TO WIN THE HEART OF THE PRINCESS You and other suitors are prepared to do anything to get y…
Fighting Fantasy Legends
July 27, 2017
Travel through the land of Allansia in your quest to become a legendary adventurer. Play through three iconic Fighting Fantasy gamebooks - City of …
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