AppGameKit Classic - Giant Asset Pack 1
Oct. 30, 2015
This Giant Asset pack for AppGameKit Classic contains over 500 sprites, sprite sheets and sprite construction sets providing more than 2,000 individu…
AppGameKit Classic - Giant Asset Pack 2
Oct. 30, 2015
Updated in April with new graphics for Chinese Checkers, Dominoes and Draughts!TheGameCreators policy is to keep improving our applications and DLCs.…
AppGameKit Classic - VR
May 19, 2017
AppGameKit Classic VR adds powerful and easy to use VR commands to your core AppGameKit Script language.With just a few commands you can start to dev…
AppGameKit Classic - Visual Editor
Aug. 24, 2017
Updated in April with new features!TheGameCreators policy is to keep improving our applications and DLCs.The AppGameKit Classic Visual Editor helps y…
AppGameKit Classic - Shader Pack
Nov. 6, 2017
AppGameKit Classic Shader Pack provides a cool set of graphical shader effects you can use in your AppGameKit projects. They work on all platforms (d…
AppGameKit Classic - Sound Library
March 21, 2017
Give your games a boost with these high quality, royalty free sounds. From clashing swords for RPG adventures to lazer blasts for sci-fi games. There…
AppGameKit Classic - 3D Asset Pack
July 11, 2016
When developing 3D games and apps for mobile platforms, sourcing models that use polygons optimally is vital to ensure the best possible performance.…
AppGameKit Classic - Games Pack 1
May 23, 2016
If you wanted to know what kind of games you can make with AppGameKit Classic, then look no further than the AppGameKit Classic Games Pack 1, which i…
AppGameKit Classic - GameGuru Loader
GameGuru Loader provides a great, efficient way to convert and load GameGuru levels into AppGameKit Classic.GameGuru Loader lets you link the easy bu…
AppGameKit Classic - Games Pack 2
March 29, 2018
AppGameKit Classic Games Pack 2 includes full games, spanning multiple genres, that demonstrate how to use AppGameKit Classic to create your game and…
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