Shot In The Dark
June 10, 2015
In a dystopian future, multiple factions have sent their agents to collect sensitive government information. You take control of one of these agents …
Sirius Online
June 1, 2015
Welcome in the vast nothingness of the Sirius Cluster, Pilot. Soon you will scour the vastness of the system, but first, you should read this: S…
March 2, 2014
Winter. It's a beautiful thing. The snow, the cold, the beauty of a white world. It's a wonderful thing. But even more wonderful is what you can do i…
Spy Bugs
June 26, 2015
Overview Spy_Bugs is a flying game in which the protagonists are cyborg insects upgraded with high tech weapons. They can fly, land, fire weapons …
Storm United
April 17, 2015
Storm United is a class-based multiplayer First Person Shooter bringing top tier competitive FPS fun through 6 different game modes, 4 distinct class…
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Terra Incognita ~ Chapter One: The Descendant
Feb. 3, 2015
The world of Terra is slowly falling into chaos. A great war is coming and It's time to take up arms against a corrupt royal family. You must tra…
Warriors & Castles
June 30, 2015
When a kingdom and an empire collide, the best warriors are called to battle. Join the mighty Kingdom or the glorious Empire and conquer your enemies…
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Project Zomboid
Nov. 8, 2013
What is Project Zomboid? Project Zomboid is a zombie survival game set in a sprawling open world. Who made Project Zomboid? Project Zomboid …
Subnautica EUROPE
Dec. 16, 2014
What would it be like to crash land on an alien planet where the entire surface was nothing but ocean? Well, it means you're going to be doing a …
Scrap Mechanic EUROPE
Jan. 19, 2016
Scrap Mechanic is a multiplayer sandbox game that's all about building everything that you can think of Enter a world filled with over 100 building …
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