Sept. 18, 2018
Imagine an escape room set in a deranged mind. Experience a first-person exploration game in a chilling new dimension. Shift between three perspectiv…
Might & Magic X - Legacy Digital Deluxe
Jan. 23, 2014
After a decade, a Might & Magic® RPG is back with both the unique core formula and a new set of improved and fine-tuned features. The best RP…
Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Season Pass
Xbox One
Oct. 5, 2018
Continue your epic odyssey with two new major story arcs, each with three exciting episodes, in addition to receiving Assassin's Creed® III R…
Immortals Fenyx Rising Gold Edition
Xbox One
Dec. 3, 2020
Includes: Immortals Fenyx Rising base game Season Pass Hades the Shadowmaster character pack Orion's Blessed weapons pack Prism win…
Werewolves Within VR
Dec. 6, 2016
Werewolves Within brings the fun of game night with friends to Virtual Reality. After several attacks on townsfolk, the medieval village of Gallow…
Watch Dogs: Legion Gold Edition
Xbox One / Xbox Series X
Oct. 29, 2020
Includes: base game Season Pass In the near future, London is facing its downfall: an all-seeing surveillance state is oppressing the pe…
Far Cry Primal Steam Edition
Feb. 29, 2016
Experience a Far Cry game unlike any other before it as you dive into an old world full of savage beasts, mesmerizing environments, and wild, deadly …
Watch_Dogs2 Deluxe Edition Steam Edition
Nov. 29, 2016
Deluxe Edition   Pre-order now the Watch Dogs®2 Deluxe Edition and get access to :  - The game  - The Deluxe Pack : 2 personalisation packs About t…
Watch_Dogs 2 Steam Edition
Nov. 29, 2016
The original Watch Dogs put you in a world full of hackers, and asked you to hack anything and everything in order to get the information you needed.…
Watch Dogs 2 - Deluxe Edition
Xbox One
Nov. 15, 2016
The Watch Dogs 2 Deluxe Edition includes : - The game - The Deluxe Pack: 2 personalization packs Default DescriptionPlay as Marcus Holloway…
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