The Surge 2
Sept. 23, 2019
What is The Surge 2? The Surge 2 is an ARPG, the sequel to the 2017's The Surge. Who made The Surge 2? The Surge 2 was made by Deck13 In…
SnowRunner - Premium Edition
Epic Games
April 28, 2020
SnowRunner - Premium Edition The Premium Edition includes the base game SnowRunner and its Season Pass. Get ready for the next-generation off-r…
Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition
Oct. 11, 2012
Inspired by the Warhammer Fantasy world, Blood Bowl is an ultra-violent combination of strategy and sports games. The Chaos Edition features 23 pl…
R.A.W. Realms of Ancient War
Oct. 11, 2012
Do you have what it takes to survive the Realms of Ancient War? Take control of a fearsome Warrior, a powerful Wizard or a Rogue, and plunge into …
Wargame: European Escalation
Feb. 22, 2012
2 sides, 8 nations, and one battlefield: Europe! Wargame: European Escalation is an intense and spectacular Real Time Strategy game, where realism a…
Epic Games
April 28, 2020
Get ready for the next-generation off-road experience! SnowRunner puts you in the driver’s seat of powerful vehicles as you conquer extreme …
Act of Aggression - Reboot Edition
Sept. 2, 2015
Act of Aggression – Reboot Edition brings the techno-thriller RTS game Act of Aggression to a higher level. The Reboot Edition offers a full ga…
Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition
Dec. 14, 2016
Space Hulk® Deathwing™ Enhanced Edition is a First-Person Shooter based on Games Workshop’s cult classic board game set in Warha…
Insurgency: Sandstorm EUROPE
Dec. 12, 2018
What is Insurgency: Sandstorm? Insurgency: Sandstorm, the sequel to 2014's Insurgency, is another brilliant tactical multiplayer FPS. Who m…
A Plague Tale: Innocence
May 14, 2019
A Plague Tale: Innocence is a medieval stealth adventure game in which you follow the tale of a young girl and her little brother as they make their …
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