Unhack 2
Jan. 12, 2017
PLEASE NOTE: Unhack 2 is unvoiced because the script is five times that of the original. Thank you for your understanding. ​​A masked AI know…
March 17, 2015
A camp trip goes wrong for Edward and his friends as they are abducted into an alien submarine. They now await to hear if they will be allowed home, …
The Last Birdling
Aug. 31, 2017
Bimonia is one of the last Birdlings alive on this earth. The Birdlings see humans as sworn enemies, and Bimonia has been taught to kill on sight. …
Without Within 3
May 3, 2018
Singaporeans have reported ghost sightings of Kiki, a calligrapher who had passed away several years ago. Meanwhile, Vinty receives a mysterious …
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