Rush for gold: California
March 9, 2016
Travel to the 'Wild West' with the characters of 'Rush for Gold: California' and plunge into a world of exciting adventure. You'r…
Rush for gold: Alaska
Jan. 14, 2016
Who says the time of the great gold prospectors has passed?! You have an opportunity to be one yourself. Explore locations for gold and other useful …
Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition
Nov. 9, 2015
Winter is hibernation time for insects, but not in our garden! It will be hot here again this winter, and beetles are launching a full-scale offensiv…
The chronicles of Emerland. Solitaire.
July 29, 2015
When deciding to learn card magic in a school of an old wizard you could not imagine that you would be chosen by fate as a savior of an entire world.…
Odysseus: Long Way Home
Feb. 23, 2015
Plunge yourself into the world of ancient Greek myths together with the heroes of Homer’s epic Odyssey. Set out on a 20-year journey starting from th…
Garden Rescue
Feb. 2, 2015
A serious menace has approached the gentle and snug garden, where various plants have been quietly living - masses of voracious insects rushed to it …
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