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Thursday's Drop Key

Codes Dropped
60 free gift on every 24hr
Sorry! You lost, try again!
When you share your referral link with your friend, it will give you 1 additional chance.
Take Your Chance For Free Games!
Please notice
You have to do some tasks before entering Drop Key. Just click on above button to proceed.
Total Value
Total Winners 10440
Total Dropped Games 34717




What is this?

Drop key is a new section on HRK where you can win free HRK gifts. Every day the system drops HRK gifts on this page.

These HRK gifts drop randomly during the day and it is not certain if the system is dropping HRK gifts at a time of the day.

Each time by clicking on "Take Your Chance For Free" button, a key may drop for you.

Use your chances during the day and do not use it at once. Because it is possible that when you are trying to get a key, the system doesn’t drop any key on that time of the day. So you should try later.

You only have 20 clicks per day. If you want more clicks, you can share your referral link to your friends and get 1 more clicks for each click on your referral link from your friends.

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