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HRK has also established partnerships with the likes of Forever Entertainment S. A., Snails Animation, Digerati Distribution, Iceberg Interactive, Tungsten Games and many others from all paths in the video gaming industry.

So if you’re looking to shop with confidence on a platform run by die hard gamers, then look no further than HRK for all of your digital gaming needs!

Looking to join our dedicated team? Check out our current job vacancies below:

Content Writer – French/German

We are currently looking for talented and experienced content writers who are fluent in French and/or German. Your role will be the translation of gaming related product descriptions, as well as translating and producing news-based content for our Newsroom. Previous experience in a similar role is preferred, but not essential. For more information, send us an email with your most up-to-date CV at [email protected]

Local Marketing Expert

We are currently looking for local marketing experts to join our team. This role requires knowledge. of the local gaming market, as well as marketing related to gaming as a whole.

Contact us: [email protected]