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The original, undisputed king of first-person shooters, DOOM set a tone for destruction and hilarity that few have replicated.

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There is one name that people think of when first-person shooters are talked about historically. One name that set the standard for what a first-person shooter could be, how much fun it could be, and how insane it could be. That name is DOOM. Now, in this modern age of gaming, the team behind DOOM have returned to make DOOM great again. And doing it the only way they know up. Upping the action, upping the insanity, and yes, bringing back Doomguy.

In this modern interpretation of DOOM, you'll once again have to face the scourges of the underworld as Doomguy. Who once again has a very simple mission, kill everything that moves. In an over-the-top and action filled single-player campaign, you'll do just that. Use weapons of every shape and size to absolutely annihilate the demons that come to kill. And trust us, there's a lot to kill. Whether you shoot them full of holes, blast them to pieces, or make them simply disappear, any outcome is a good one as long as they're dead.

Then, when you have braved through the single-player mode, you'll get to take a crack at multiplayer, where your friends can be your greatest foes, and the world wants to be the best Doomguy. Or the best demon! You have that option!

Plus, you'll be able to create your own DOOM levels and share them with the world! So grab your gun, and get the job done.

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John Romero finally reveals who the original Doom Guy really is

The cover for the original Doom is one of the most iconic pieces of videogame box art ever created. It's simple, stark, and perfectly evocative of the game experience: One man, unbowed and heavily armed, fighting off a horde of rampaging demons. But who is he? That's a question that, to be...

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Release Date
May 13, 2016
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Bethesda Softworks
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