12-Minute Footage of Elex RPG has Emerged

Elex is rarely seen in motion, but now a 12-minute video of Piranha Bytes’ RPG has emerged.

So far, we have mostly seen trailers of the new RPG from  Piranha Bytes, known for the Gothic and the Risen series, but during the E3 2017 the game finally crawled out of its cave, and now, finally, those who did not come to Los Angeles can also see what the game looks like. Elex is evidently an RPG with an unusual atmosphere, which you will probably notice from the video.

Those who survived are now trapped in a battle to survive, a struggle to decide the fate of a planet. At the center of this fight is the element “Elex”.

In Elex, there is everything you would expect from a game in which both sci-fi and fantasy elements are present. Our hero wears a jetpack and wields a wooden shield, which is not the most usual match. You also get to tackle various metallic robots with… arrows. Smells like Horizon: Zero Dawn, to say the least.

Nevertheless, check out the E3 footage for this intriguing RPG that is definitely worth following.

ELEX gameplay from E3 2017. It’s identical to the RPC Livestream gameplay, but this time it’s with ingame sound.

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