24 Empty Islands Have Been Added To SCUM

The “prison battle royale” survival game SCUM just got 24 empty islands in the latest patch, and also a coal mine for us to explore.


SCUM is one of those games that appeal to a specific audience. The most impressive thing about it is the character progression system and how everything can affect the body of your character. When we played it a couple of months ago we just ran around the place and became a quite healthy and fast person. We were gunned down pretty soon after, so that was pretty pointless in the long run, but it was fun nonetheless.

But, now there are 24 new islands that we can use as running practice since they are empty. At least nothing can kill us there for the time being, but the devs will add interesting things to them later on.


SCUM also got a coal mine in this patch, which is also empty right now. It looks quite creepy and eerie with no NPCs or players there. It’s going to be filled soon, with what, we don’t know yet, but adding more areas to the game’s map is welcome. Let’s just hope that this facility doesn’t get robot guards, as those are mean and incredibly deadly.

Other new additions include the M1887 lever-action shotgun that fires 12 gauge shells, some new color variations for the sluggish pick-up truck, a small lockpicking rework, and so on.


Have you given SCUM a shot? It’s a weird game, but one that shows a lot of promise with its complex systems and pretty crazy gameplay. It isn’t your run-of-the-mill open-world survival game, so give it a shot if you haven’t tried it already.

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