5 PC Games From 2022 You Have to Play

Even though the year is far from over, here are 5 PC games from 2022 you have to play right now, if you can, that is.

Since this year is full of bangers, I’m going to start off this thing by listing the 5 that are must-play video game experiences. Later down the line, we’re going to cover by genre and so on. But these are games that, no matter what kind of genre you generally like, are ones that you need to experience in your life at least once. If you consider yourself a true gamer, that is.

So, the first of the 5 PC games that you have to play from 2022 is Stray, an insanely charming adventure game where you play as a cat. Yes, it doesn’t get better than being a four-legged fluffy animal that just pounces around.


Genre: Adventure, Exploration, Cyberpunk

Developer:BlueTwelve Studio

Release date: July 19, 2022

Price tag: 26,99€

Stray charmed me with its gameplay right from the start. It’s not a very, let’s say complicated game with a lot of in-depth mechanics. But it’s a game where you play as a cat, and the animations and its traversal mechanics are so buttery smooth.

You’re a cat, you’re supposed to move around the place with grace. Stray hits those points, and its fantastic cyberpunk setting definitely helps with that. The world is full of interesting things to discover and experience, and the story is, well, quite heavy at times.

5 PC games 2022
Image credit: BlueTwelve Studio

Which wasn’t all that expected from an adventure game where you play as a cute cat. It’s quite the perfect game to just unwind and hop around the place and glance at the huge world that’s surrounding you. A must-play game when you have a free Sunday and you just want to be a cat.

Full Stray PC game review

If you want to learn more about Stray as a game, we have a full review available on HRK Newsroom. Those that already know how awesome the game is, you can pick up your Stray game key on HRK Game for an insanely low price at all times!

Elden Ring

Genre: Souls-like, Dark Fantasy, RPG

Developer:FromSoftware Inc.

Release date: February 25, 2022

Price tag: 59,99€

Where to even start with Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s latest title, and some say it’s their best work yet. It’s another Souls-like, and I’m sure everyone already knows what kind of genre that is.

The monsters hit hard, the world is very vague and dark, the bosses will make you hate your life due to their highly unpredictable attack patterns, and the story is mostly super depressing and grim. Everything gamers love these days, packed into one dense and vast open world.

5 PC games 2022
Image credit: FromSoftware Inc.

Elden Ring on PC is a superb experience when you want a challenging and content-packed RPG. There’s a ton of bosses to slay, areas to see, and builds to explore. It’s one of the most diverse FromSoftware titles, their most experimental yet, but it was met with immense praise from both players and industry reviewers.

Full Elden Ring PC review

Since Elden Ring is a gigantic title, there’s a lot to talk about. Elden RIng and its gameplay, its story, its world, and more is covered in our in-depth Elden Ring PC review. If you want to inform yourself more, feel free to hop on over to HRK Newsroom and check out our detailed coverage of the game.

Those that already want to buy the game can pick up an Elden Ring game key on HRK Game. The game is always discounted even though it’s a new triple-A release.

God of War

Genre: Action, Adventure, Story-rich

Developer: Santa Monica Studio

Release date: January 14, 2022

Price tag: 49,99€

Ah, yes, the arrival of God of War on the PC. The franchise cemented itself in history as one of the most brutal, violent, and grim action brawlers from the old PS era. You followed the story of one man on a path of destruction and vengeance.

But then we get God of War, which is basically God of War 4, where we have Kratos as a father. He’s still very violent, and God of War still has gameplay that packs a punch. But he also has a son, is dealing with grief and tackling on the threat of the Norse gods.

5 PC games 2022
Image credit: Santa Monica Studio

God of War’s gameplay is very reminiscent of the Dark Souls game, so the new game differs a lot from the original trilogy. That doesn’t stop it from being extremely challenging, grueling, and above all else, fun. It also features one of the most complex, detail-heavy fantasy worlds in the history of modern video games. It’s quite a treat to look at too, so you can expect a lot of superb visual fidelity from the game as well.

Full God of War PC review

To fully grasp the greatness of God of War on PC, you need to read a lot more about the game, its gameplay, story, crazy weapons, and so on. And for you to do that, just head on over to HRK Newsroom. There awaits a huge God of War PC review that showcases all the game’s brilliant ideas.

But if you already know you want to buy the game, you can pick up a God of War Steam key over at HRK Game. It’s always discounted, so pick it up to see Sony’s best PC port to date!

Monster Hunter Rise

Genre: Action, RPG, Co-Op

Developer: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

Release date: January 12, 2022

Price tag: 59,99€

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the most well-received Monster Hunter games for a reason. It’s a perfect entry point for new players while also having a ton of content for veterans of the series to enjoy. You can’t go wrong with that. Numerous quality of life improvements elevate the experience as well.

The story isn’t all that impressive, but you’re not here for that, are you? You’re here to hunt big monsters and turn them into gear. In that aspect, Monster Hunter Rise is outstanding. There are a ton of big baddies to take down, gear and skills to experiment with, and content to keep you occupied for a solid 30-40 hours. Much more if you like to 100% a game.

So, what is the last title on this 5 PC games from 2022 you have to try list? I think you’re in for a surprise, but considering how popular the game become in the last month, maybe it won’t be.

5 PC games 2022
Image credit: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

Full Monster Hunter Rise PC review

Monster Hunter Rise on PC is a treat, but those that want to know more about the game won’t be satisfied with these little pieces of info about the game. Thankfully, you can head on over to HRK Newsroom and read the full Monster Hunter Rise PC review.

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V Rising

Genre: Action, RPG, Survival, Open-world, Vampire

Developer: Stunlock Studios

Release date: May 17, 2022

Price tag: 19,99€

When it comes to the last of the 5 PC games from 2022 that you have to try out, V Rising is one of those rare PC gems that pop up every now and then. It’s an open-world survival game where you play as a vampire. The premise is pretty simple. Where the game excels is at its progression. Kill a boss, obtain their powers, and start preparing for the next and harder boss. V Rising manages to make its grinding process enjoyable and rewarding.

That’s without taking into account the PvP elements, which I mostly ignored because I came to this game for an enjoyable vampire simulation experience. This is one of those rare games where day and night cycles play a big role in the gameplay. This makes sense, considering V Rising takes as many vampire mythology elements as it can and integrates them into the game. V Rising is still in its Early Access phase, so it can only get better from there.

5 PC games 2022
Image credit: Stunlock Studios

Full V Rising PC Review

Was this not enough to convince you to buy V Rising on PC? Don’t worry, there is always a V Rising PC review out there for you to check out and see if this is a title for you. For example, you can head over to HRK Newsroom and find a full review of V Rising in its current state.

If you know the game’s the right kind for you, there’s also the option of buying it straight away. Head on over to HRK Game and get yourself a cheap V Rising Steam key right now!



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