8 super trending online games for 2019

Living a monotonous 9 to 5 life can be extremely frustrating. Make your life exciting by adding some fun at your fingertips. Use your PC, Xbox One PS4, Android or iOS to make way for joy. There are loads of games which are just a click away. You just need good internet and some free time to give yourself some thrilling online gaming experience. Avoid wasting time searching the best games by going through the list below. It covers 8 super exciting and trendy games of 2019.    

  1. PUBG

Player Unknown’s battleground or commonly known as PUBG is one of the most popular game of 2019. It is one of the most played (and most tweeted) modern battle royale games and remains extremely addictive till the end of the time. It offers amusing game elements that solely focus on survival. The game is all about survival on a large island where anyone can kill and rob you of your resources. So, it is required that you kill the hostile people and survive till the end.

  1. Baccarat

The most popular games on casino sites all over the world is just a click away! Baccarat has developed into one of the most popular live casino games. It offers exciting live dealer games from NetEnt and Evolution, Baccarat is hitting the charts in the new decade of online gaming! Get thrilled with this live casino game in 2019 at casino sites like Casinomir.

  1. Poker

The most popular game of all is all set to make you a winner! Poker is the only game that varies according to the player. The highly influential game of the western culture is at various online sites. Choose wisely to experience best results. It has immense winning potential that you can play poker to earn a living also! Play it to discover more possibilities of winning the game and earning money in loads.

Rocket League
  1. Rocket league

We know you love racing games and you also love soccer. So why not combine the charm of the two together to make gaming more fascinating. Rocket league is the game which pumps up your adrenaline with jaw dropping moves. You can also play it with other players in split screen mode. So, get set to customize your little toy cars to score some screamers.   

  1. Daymare Town Series

If you are a nerd crazy for puzzles then here is the most addictive puzzle game of all times. Daymare Town series is has an epic collection of mystery puzzles that have extremely creepy artwork and music that brings your horrors in the limelight. Get trapped in a dangerous town and experience horror. The only objective is to get out of that town. Highly thrilling and fun packed game is sure to keep you awake during the boring office hours. So get ready to pack your idle hour with thrill!

  1. Die 2 Nite

Get handy with the zombie tonight! Enjoy this text-based zombie game that greets you with the cheerful message of your death every time! Build your defenses in the day time and run for your life at night. Zombies come out to play with your lives when the clock strikes 11:00pm. So put your precious lives at stake(online) to experience the most thrilling game of all times.  This is a tactic reminiscent of Fortnite and is surprisingly extremely addictive. It is full of little jokes that keep you entertained throughout! Live the zombie life with a click to invest in the online gaming community.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  1. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Developed with enhanced graphics, DragonballXenoverse 2 fully utilizes the power of current generation gaming consoles. It has special upgrades and new features to deliver a new hub city. You can develop your own warrior avatars, train in new skills and fight new enemies. Don’t wait to live the whole Dragon ball series at your fingertips! There are more than 300 other online players at the same time so you get enough options to choose. Fight with or against them to relive the classic moments from the series.

  1. Desperados III

If living the legendary western world is your dream then Desperados III provides with the thrilling opportunity. Be the part of this super energetic, real time heart-throbbing game which makes you travel across USA and Mexico to keep your loved ones alive. You need to learn team skills in order to survive for long. Plan your actions carefully to know your strengths and weaknesses. Make wise decisions to make more money with this power packed game.

Which one to start with?

Well, we’d recommend you get on with an online casino gaming session; they’re quick, they’re thrilling, and they could help you win loads of your money on your lucky day!

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