A Free Eldritch Horror Volibear Skin On The Way

A free Eldritch horror Volibear skin will be given to all Volibear players that own the champion when the visual rework arrives.

Artwork of the upcoming Volibear visual rework
Image source: Riot Games

Riot Games started tinkering with the lore of some of their champions. Volibear, the ferocious Ursa leader that commanded lighting became something much more sinister. In order to reflect this terrifying and grim new lore, he’s getting a visual update. But, Riot Games didn’t want Volibear to have this Eldritch monstrosity as his base look. Instead, Volibear players will get that look as a free skin when the visual update comes:

“We’re gonna take the demonic concept of Volibear across the finish line and make a kind of Eldritch Horror-themed Volibear skin. When Volibear’s VG launches, we’re going to give it to anyone who owns Volibear already or picks him up during his launch patch for free.”

I, for one, am loving the new lore. League of Legends has some pretty dark characters. Not everyone is happy and lovable. The Volibear, in the new lore, is a monstrous entity whose presence messes up with the minds of mortals. He’s not just a bear.

Free stuff is always welcome. And a demonic Volibear skin with Lovecraftian vibes sounds pretty freaking awesome if you ask me.

New Volibear visual rework in action
Image source: Riot Games

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