A Lot of People Are Playing the New World Closed Beta

It seems Amazon’s newest video game escapade is a hit as there’s a ton of people playing the New World beta.

New World beta
Image credit: Amazon Games

I covered New World here and there. The game didn’t really have many exciting blog posts and news updates. That’s until we heard about the pay2win mechanics, which triggered a ton of backlash that resulted in the devs saying there won’t be any kind of unfair pay2win mechanic a couple of times to make sure everyone knows. Pay-to-progress faster is still a possibility though.

However, all of these didn’t stop a whole lot of players from playing the New World beta. Surprisingly, over 200,000 players participated according to SteamDB. At the time of writing this, there are around  76,785 players in-game.

New World started out as a PvP-centric MMO. Yet, the PvP focus shifted over time into a more traditional MMORPG form. There’s still a ton of PvP action in the game, but PvE players also have a fair amount to do.

I’m confident that New World’s going to be the biggest MMO release of recent years. The question is, can it deliver an MMORPG formula that won’t become stale in a matter of months? What do you think?

New World beta
Image credit: Amazon Games

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