A Lot Of Red Dead Online Players Aren’t Happy With Recent Update

The purpose of an update for a game is to help fix things that made the game bad or not working in various fashions. It’s up to the dev team to listen to the player base, see what they need/want, and then improve the game thusly. However, sometimes an update makes things worse rather than better, and that’s what Red Dead Online is going through in the eyes of its players.

Because a large majority of them aren’t happy with the update that happened a few days ago. In fact, one of them went to Reddit to spell out everything that was wrong with it, and over 26,000 people agreed with him. Such complaints include:

– Nerfing the fucking hunting rewards? Who asked for that? Why? It’s not like it was super lucrative in comparison to grinding showdowns, I really, really don’t understand it. Especially considering the next point.

– When players said they wanted bounties, they meant actually taking on players and receiving some money for it, not losing 2 dollars for killing 8 cops. Who the fuck are we supposed to shoot now? 

Red Dead Online

He went on:

– The majority of new content is ugly as f**k. I get it, we’re in the Wild West. It doesn’t mean we have to be buying ‘new’ clothes with sh*tloads of stains and holes in them. Seriously, R* designers, stop.

– This dripped content bullsh*t is the stupidest thing ever, especially since some people actually get a daily challenge telling them to kill people with a weapon that’s ‘not in the game’ yet (although we all know it IS in the game, R* just decided to hide it). And taunting people with ‘coming soon’ for the clothes, give me a f**king break with this artificial ‘weekly updates’ bullsh*t.

So as you can see, Red Dead Online needs a little more work to make the fans happy.

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