A4 Games Exploring The Possibilities Of A Multiplayer Metro Title

4A Games are currently exploring the possibilities of making a multiplayer experience in the beloved Metro universe.

multiplayer Metro
Image credit: 4A Games

Ten years of Metro

4A Games celebrate Metro’s 10th anniversary. Who knew this much time passed since we first saw Metro 2033, a linear shooter with a great story and an even greater atmosphere. It’s quite scary at times as well. You can see the influence of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in the first two games with its heavy atmosphere, rough and rugged esthetic, and realistic and challenging gameplay. Yet, the future of this franchise may go in another direction.

The evolution of the Metro games

The Metro franchise evolved over the years. Metro Exodus, the latest entry in the franchise, completely ditches the formula of the previous two titles. It’s an open-world game. Much different than the claustrophobic and compact Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, which are linear shooters. Still, all three games are excellent in their own ways. But, can 4A Games make a multiplayer Metro game that holds true to the formula that the franchise is known for? Since Saber Interactive bought the studio we haven’t heard from them. The silence is warranted as now they’ve opened up a lot about their upcoming projects in their Metro 10th Anniversary Studio Update blog.

What does the future hold for 4A Games?

First of all, Metro Exodus is coming to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 next year. It’s coming with all the improvements such as better frame ret, less loading times, Ray Tracing, and so on. It will be a free upgrade for existing owners. In other news, a new Metro game is already in the works. Not only that, 4A Games have decided to develop a brand new IP. It will be another triple-A game, but not much is known about it at the moment. But, let’s get to the meaty bit, the possibility of multiplayer.

It seems the team always had plans for a multiplayer title, but it was too grand of a project for their team. However, now they have the manpower and the funding to go at it with all they’ve got. 4A Games also assure us that this won’t be a generic cash grab. No trend jumping or bandwagoning on the current flavor of the year multiplayer genre. They’re promising a multiplayer game that makes sense in the Metro universe. Work on this online project also won’t affect the other games, and it’s still in its early days of development. So, will we get a Metro game with single-player and multiplayer? Or a completely separate multiplayer game on its own? Even they don’t know that at this point.

Fellow gamers, what do you think. Will they hold true to their promises or should we expect a Metro battle royale free2play game with predatory monetization? Let me know your opinions in the comments section below!

multiplayer Metro
Image credit: 4A Games

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