AC Valhalla Players Discover Ancient Alien Bow

AC Valhalla players managed to get their hands on Nodens’ Arc, an overpowered alien bow by using certain exploits.

Valhalla Nodens' Arc
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Does anyone know who the Isu are? Is anyone even keeping track of Assassin’s Creed lore these days? Well, whatever the case may be, there’s a new weapon that no one knew about in Valhalla that they apparently made. Until now that is. Of course, people didn’t find this alien bow the way it was meant to be found. Instead, they used a brute force hack. Well, it’s more of an exploit than a hack. You just find this pile of rocks, you then hit it, and then reload your save. Do this a couple of times and you should be able to obtain this awesome secret bow.

You can go and read this Reddit thread to see what Valhalla players think about Nodens’ Arc. As you can imagine, everyone is digging the look of this alien bow. It’s most definitely unique, unlike any other weapon in the game in terms of looks. The stats it has on it are also quite powerful, so expect this to be used in any Assassin’s Creed Valhalla speedruns. You can check out the video below for detailed instructions for finding Nodens’ Arc.

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