Albion Online Launch Patch #2 Notes

The recently launched Albion Online is having its second Launch Patch since release. This patch is bringing changes to Gold mechanics, real estate sales, as well as hotfixes to some issues that the devs have noticed.

Albion Online

Starting off with the Gold mechanics, we have a change that is supposed to reduce the ease of operations for Gold sellers. Players won’t be able to trade each other Gold directly anymore and it can’t be deposited in Guild accounts. The devs stated in the notes that they are planning to do changes to Guild-level gold accounts while also noting that Silver will be unaffected by these changes.

Due to the issue where non-flagged players were unable to heal to flagged players, this patch is bringing temporarily changes to mechanics in order for Dreaded players to be able to disable their PvP flags, specifically in the black zone. Besides this, the maximum configurable price for real estate sales has been raised to 10m Silver. This change won’t affect the real estate sales auctions.

As for the fixes, the devs have a temporary fix for the keyboard issues at the login screen and animation issues which they fixed by disabling the Android updater. The crafting sound bug that continued after crafting was finished was fixed as well as some issues with the portal binding. They also made a working exit to Bridgewatch from the Bridgewatch Marketplace which will make traveling a bit easier around the place. For more info about the Albion Online launch patch changes, visit the patch notes on the official website.

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