All about online games Bonuses in New Zealand

Though the majority of New Zealand punters agree that betting is a recreational activity, this does not in any way encourage loyalty to a particular casino website. As a New Zealand punter, it is gradually becoming a norm for occasional and professional punters to have account with more than one licensed casino firms due to the fierce competition among casino websites which has inevitably led to the provision of irresistible bonus and promotional offers for the sole aim of attracting new punters and maintaining the existing ones. 

Aside from the conventional bonus offer we are all familiar with, some online casinos offer a no-deposit bonus to customers for placing of stakes. In other words, you could earn a lot of real money without necessarily making a deposit with your personal money.  

Types of Online Casinos 

Except for the improved graphical display, the convenience of playing from your comfort zone and a general upgrade geared towards the improvement of punters’ betting experience, online casinos are basically the same with the ones we play in a brick and mortar casino.  

Online slots (pokies), Blackjack, Baccarat, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, Keno Video Poker, Live games and all other chance-based games can be found on all the casino websites we recommend. In addition, they are also available to non-gamblers willing to play casino games for the fun of it and punters playing with the intention of winning real money. You can choose best pokies at  
Types of Casino Bonuses and how to acquire them 

Welcome Bonus 

Virtually all casino websites offer this bonus to new punters. It can be in form of free spins in some selected games or a specified cash to play any game of choice. The latter might be activated with or without deposits. 

Deposit Bonus 

Some casino websites offer a specific percentage to punters who make deposits into their betting account. This bonus is also available in different forms (depending on the discretion of the casino firm). 

Referral Bonus 

Aside from the aforementioned, some casino websites offer a referral bonus to every punter who successfully refers them to a new user. 

Loyalty Bonus 

In a bid to reward consistency, some casino websites rate punters’ activity and consistency on their platform. At the end of a specified period, the leaders are in turn rewarded with points which can be used to play free games. 

Game Bonus 

By reaching a specified threshold or specific sets of symbols on your reels while playing any of the casino games, you could also get a bonus which can be in form of free spins or a multiplier effect on your earnings. 

Due to the genres of bonuses provided by casino websites, it is difficult to pinpoint a particular website as the best provider of bonus or promotional offer. However, your best bet at getting the casino websites with the best bonus offer is by checking through our list of recommended casino website for NZ Punters. 

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