Amnesia Developers Tease Their New Game

Amnesia developers, Amnesia Games, keep on teasing their upcoming new game now with a cryptic and short teaser video.

Amnesia developers new game
Image credit: Frictional Games

The developers of Amnesia have been teasing their new game for a while now. They have a website that started off blank. But, it evolved over time and now a strange pulsating shape became a fetus. Quite strange, but it doesn’t surprise us considering that it’s coming from the people that made Amnesia and SOMA, both very terrifying psychological horror games that leave a mark on you when you finish them. Hints regarding this new project of theirs have been rather scarce. Well, that is until now. We have a game teaser video that is as cryptic as you expect it to be.

Who is Tasi? We don’t know, but the character in the video sure wants to reassure herself. “I am Tasi” the character keeps repeating. Why? Who knows, maybe it’s a case of amnesia, which seems to be a recurring theme in Frictional Games titles. The short video also shows a vast orange desert and an alien-looking cave. Whoever Tasi is, she’s in the middle of an eerie sandstorm and she keeps telling herself who she is. It isn’t looking very promising for our would-be protagonist if she is the main character of this story.

Do you like deeply disturbing and horrifying psychological horror games? Then you should definitely try the games that these people made. Both Amnesia and SOMA are great horror titles, and both are available on HRK Game for a terrific price!

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