Among Us Finally Shows Its Airship Map And Its Release Date

Among Us finally reveals its airship map, its release date, and the reasons for its slow and agonizing development.

Among Us airship map
Image credit: InnerSloth

The Airship map in all its glory

Finally, a new map for the multiplayer/social game about mundane tasks, subterfuge, murder, and typing “SUS” in the chat. Among Us is a modest, yet incredibly enjoyable social game with a simple premise. There’s a crew with one or two imposters. Normal players do tasks and try to figure out who the imposter is. If they succeed, the imposter is thrown off the map. But, that needs to happen before the imposter kills everyone.

So, what is there to look forward to in the airship map? Ladders, moving platforms, new tasks, and new imposter kill animations. But, I think Among Us players will love the airship map because it’s freaking huge. We don’t know how bigger, but the trailer shows a lot of different areas that look gigantic:

Why did one map take so long to release?

InnerSloth also explained some things in the airship map reveal post. Fans weren’t exactly thrilled about the wait. A game like Among Us can’t survive on one map for long. Many abandoned it, seeking new thrills. But the reason for the wait is legit.

The devs laid everything out. The game’s success, porting to other platforms, daily business meetings, fake merch, approval process, there’s a lot. With great power comes great responsibility, and with quick popularity comes a lot of draining tasks that need priority. InnerSloth is a dev team made up of five people. It’s only natural that Among Us blowing up came with an insane amount of work for such a small team.

At least it’s finally here and now Among Us will most likely receive another popularity boost. See you on the airship fellas!

Among Us airship map
Image credit: InnerSloth

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