Anthem Game Director Leaves BioWare

Johnatan Warner, the game director of Anthem, leaves BioWare after being a part of the team for almost 10 years.

Anthem game director leaves
Image credit: BioWare

Remember last year when we thought Anthem was getting a rebirth? No matter how much Anthem sucked in some aspects, the core mechanics were quite fun. Flying in a mech suit, blasting enemies with rockets, bullets, and elemental attacks is a power fantasy not seen often today. Warframe and Destiny get close, but they lack the Iron Man-flies-around-the-place part.

Then BioWare came clean. Anthem was dead, or at least left to die in a coma. In order to make Dragon Age 4 work, the entire team moved to that project. It’s understandable, with their recent track record, BioWare can’t afford to release another failure. However, things aren’t looking too bright. Anthem game director leaves BioWare after 10 years of working with them. Jonathan was also the game director on Mass Effect: Andromeda, the producer of the Mass Effect Trilogy.

We don’t know if he’s moving to another project, but we do one thing. BioWare is in a rough state. Hopefully, they manage to hold it together to release Dragon Age 4 without it falling.

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