Anthem Has Finally Released

After much anticipation and waiting, the time has finally come, Anthem has arrived, and with it comes the latest grand experience from Bioware. The title takes you to a brand new world, one with many dangers, but also, many adventures, and ones that you don’t have to handle alone. The biggest thing about this game is obviously the Javelins, mech suits that allow you to go and roam about the lands in your own way and pace. Many are hoping this to be the next epic gaming experience, and IP from Bioware.

Bioware themselves are very happy that the game has launched, and are eager to see what players do in the game:

“I feel remarkably similar to when we launched the original Mass Effect trilogy,” said Casey Hudson, General Manager of BioWare. “I’m excited, anxious and incredibly proud of what our team has accomplished. I sincerely hope our players enjoy what we have created, and I look forward to the countless stories we’ll tell in the world of Anthem in the weeks and months to come.”


The plans to keep Anthem full of content is already underway, and they’re promising some big shifts in the game world as early as March. So it’s going to be interesting to see what happens.

However, though Bioware is happy with what has been turned out, gamers aren’t all agreeing with that. Reviews of Anthem have been decidedly mixed, with some loving it and some not enjoying it at all. One Youtuber had this to say:

I finally managed to get my video done and sadly I don’t have many positive things to say about it. I hope they can fix game this over time by listening to player feedback, but right now it’s a hard sell. And it’s a damn shame.

Other sites like IGN gave it a 6.5/10, which is honestly a low score for such a high-profile title. And yet, people at and others gave it high scores. Which proves that you need to play the game yourself in order to find out what it feels like to you.

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