Anthem Is Officially Dead

Anthem is officially a dead game as BioWare announces that development for the game is stopping as the team moves to other projects.

Anthem dead
Image credit: BioWare

BioWare promised to fix Anthem, but they just abandoned it instead

I remember reading somewhere a couple of weeks ago that BioWare is considering what to do with Anthem. “There’s no way they’d just kill the game,” I thought to myself. BioWare can’t afford to suffer so much humiliation with their latest releases. They’re surely going to show off Anthem NEXT, also called Anthem 2.0 and how much they’ve improved the base game.

Anthem had a lot of problems, we all know that. But there was a foundation between all those mediocre looter-shooter mechanics, boring missions, and lackluster progression that had great potential. So we were all happy when BioWare promised to keep supporting and working on the game. Of course, they lied, and Anthem is pretty much dead now.

Some would say that Anthem isn’t dead, but it’s on life-support

The game continues to exist in its current state. How dare I say that it’s dead? Well, the studio director of BioWare Austin, Chrisitan Dailey, released a little blog. Does it say anything important? No, not really. There’s stuff here and there about being proud of the Anthem dev team, 2020 being a hard year, yadda yadda yadda.

Only a bunch of jibberish before saying the Anthem team is moving on. The game will stay as it is in its live-service mode. However, it won’t be getting any updates or further development. BioWare left Anthem broken and dying in a ditch. A fate this title didn’t deserve.

What do you think, will the Anthem IP be used again in the future? Can BioWare release one good game these days? Share your comments and thoughts with me down below!

Anthem dead
Image credit: BioWare

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  1. Jessica says

    They should sell the game to better company #SaveAnthem

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