Apex Legends Data Miners Find Hints Of NPCs And Wallrunning

It seems like Apex Legends plans to expend even more with additional evidence of NPCs, wallrunning, and flamethrowers.

Apex Legends

The latest Apex Legends update came with a lot of hidden hints that data miners located in the files. These include even more mention of NPCs which were also found in previous data minning operations, there’s some talk of wall running, and there’s something about a flamethrower.

Will be getting a new mode that’s going to have NPCs running around in squads and taking down players? Maybe, or maybe Respawn wants to have bots that can fill in a spot if a player disconnects from the game suddenly. Your guess is as good as ours at the moment, since we aren’t sure where exactly the development is going for Apex Legends.

Apex Legends

Right when you thought that the battle royale hype slowed down, this game arrived and took everyone by surprise. Now, if these data miners found things that are actually coming to the game soon, well, it means that Fortnite got a really fierce competition.

Wall running is a thing that everyone wanted this shooter to have. It was so brilliantly implemented into the Titanfall games, so no one exactly knew why it wasn’t a part of Apex Legends. Maybe it comes to the game after all. We might even get a flamethrower, which will be a really weird weapon to use in a fast-paced shooter like this, if it is what we think it is.

Apex Legends

So, how excited are you about the future of this game?

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