Apex Legends Keeps Dominating As It Reaches 100 Million Players

Apex Legends keeps climbing in popularity as it reaches 100 million players while being the fourth most played game on Steam.

Apex Legends 100 million
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

According to GameSight, Apex Legends is the third most-watched battle royale, sitting at 16.8 million viewer hours. While it’s behind Warzone in that statistic, it has more hours streamed by content creators, but Fortnite still dominates on both fronts with nothing coming close to matching its popularity.

Yet, Apex Legends keeps climbing, and the number of players attracted to this game keeps going up. But, when this achievement was announced, the Twitter comments section wasn’t filled with happiness and excitement. Instead, you see a lot of negative comments regarding server overloads, hackers running games, and accounts getting banned. Keeping gamers happy is next to impossible, but this many negative comments can’t be purely subjective.

Despite all of this, Apex Legends isn’t slowing down. The game may have issues, but it also has a lot of captivating elements that pull in new players. Respawn Entertainment has a gem in their hands, I doubt they’re going to let it get dirty.

What are your thoughts on Apex Legends? Are you playing it? Are the comments about its rough state true? Leave your comments on the matter down below!

Apex Legends 100 million
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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