Apex Legends Offers A Free Star Wars Pathfinder Skin

Apex Legends players, have you picked up the free Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order-inspired Pathfinder skin yet?

What is the thing that Apex Legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order have in common? Both are published by EA, and both have been developed by Respawn Entertainment. The games themselves don’t have any clear connections. However, does that stop EA from making a Pathfinder skin that is inspired by the BD-1 droid? No, of course it freaking doesn’t. But, I shouldn’t complain, as everyone can get this skin, free of charge. How? Well, it’s simple. Play the game, that’s all. The skin, to be honest, is not all that special. The white and red color pallet is a bit unusual, but it’s nothing to brag about.

So, every Apex Legends player whose a fan of the BD-1 droid from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order can now reminisce about that solid single-player title while they’re playing a multiplayer battle royale as a robot that can use grappling hooks. While you’re hopping back into Apex Legends to get a free Star Wars-inspired Pathfinder skin, check out the new Season 3 content. There’s the new map, a new Legend, and a new weapon. All of which were added in October. Basically, anyone that hasn’t played the game in a while now can hop back, get a skin, and enjoy a bunch of new stuff that was recently added!

Apex Legends new character from Season 3
Image credit: EA

You can purchase multiple special Apex Legends editions on HRK Game for a discounted price, or you can also buy Fallen Order, the game which has the droid that served as an inspiration for this new Pathfinder skin!

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