Apex Legends PC Cheaters Got Into Console Lobbies

Apex Legends PC cheaters got caught live while they were wreaking havoc in an Apex Legends console lobby.

Apex Legends PC cheaters
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Cheaters are, unfortunately, a standard occurrence in most battle royale titles. At least when it comes to the PC platform. Consoles are a much harder nut to crack for hackers and cheaters. Well, Revengeful managed to get one of these rare occurrences on camera.

Revengeful is a pro player for FNATIC that was streaming some Apex Legends with his squad. It was all fun and games until someone blasted them to death out of nowhere. Someone that wasy obviously a cheater. This would have been a sad end to a match for a PC player, but this happened on console.

Revengeful noticed that the guy was playing on PC and is using multiple hacks to crush anyone on the map. You can check the action yourself on Revengeful’s Twitter. Aimbot, wallhack, and probably some other hacks are clearly used. The guy was able to eliminate everyone on the map as soon as he spots them. The guy got banned shortly after, but it’s concerning that PC hackers are finding their way to Apex Legends’ console lobbies.

Hopefully, Respawn Entertainment gets rid of these issues as their past games suffered from the hacker plague. But now the problem the PC has is leaking into the consoles. So now Apex Legends PC cheaters found a way to ruin the day of both PC and console players.

Apex Legends PC cheaters
Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

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