Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass Info Revlead

Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass will come with a lot of new things, and today we learn about some quality-of-life improvements.

Apex Legends is currently facing a crisis. It isn’t holding up to its competitors. Fortnite and PUBG still attract more and more people, while this battle royale just loses most of them. Why is that? Infrequent updates, not a lot of gameplay variation. A lot of things needed to change, and maybe they will with the Season 2 Battle Pass.

First things first, Daily and Weekly Challenges will help you grind through levels with ease. Anyone that wants to go reach Battle Pass level 100 won’t have to farm XP for a month straight. That’s not all of course, as three new Legendary skins are also coming to this rewards track. Badge and stat tracker rewards are getting replaced with three brand new content categories. You’ll also have enough Crafting Material from the full reward track to make yourself a Legendary item, whichever one you want.

There’s also The Legendary Hunt limited time event. It will be here for two weeks, starting next Tuesday. Double XP weekends, bonus Battle Pass XP, challenge rewards (Rare, Epic, and Legendary skins) for anyone that can finish these time-limited objectives.

The EA PLAY live stream that’s happening on June 8th will have more information for Season 2. Stay tuned for more news!

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