Arc Systems Talks Delays For Dragon Ball FighterZ On Switch

One of the biggest faults of the Nintendo Switch within its first year or so was that it always seemed to get big multiplatform titles months after they would release for Xbox One and PS4. And that’s if they released on the Switch at all. One of the biggest requests for the Switch this year was that of Dragon Ball FighterZ, the hit fighting game made by Arc Systems, and though it is coming to the Switch on September 26th, the game could have potentially come sooner.

The team at Arc Systems talked with Switch Player and noted the following:

“When the development for FighterZ first started for PS4/X1/PC platforms, information about the Switch was still quite vague. However, as the Switch was officially introduced to the world, we quickly understood the platform’s potential, and proceeded with development. At that time there were a lot of clashes with the PS4/ X1/ PC developments, so we decided to wait for development on the other platforms to be completed first before focusing on the Switch version.”

Dragon Ball FighterZ

This is a fair statement and judgment of the situation. And it’s actually a similar situation to what others have said in the earliest days of the Switch. Now, if fans recall, there was a “statement” released by Bandai Namco that if Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 sold well, they would bring Dragon Ball FighterZ to the Switch more than likely. The team talked about that too:

“Yes, it definitely had an impact. However, during an interview at the first announcement for FighterZ, a lot of questions were asked by interviewers and fans about whether we were considering making a Switch version any time soon. This motivated the whole team to give the fans what they wanted.”

Either way you look at it though, the situation worked out, and the game is headed to the Switch in just a few weeks.

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