Are We Getting A Chappie Skin For Apex Legends?

Some people want Chappie to join Apex Legends as a character, but we will settle for a Pathfinder skin as well.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends, for those of you that didn’t have access to the internet in the past 3 weeks, is the latest battle royale game to be released. It’s also the most popular one as of right now, as it occupies the most viewed game spot on Twitch constantly.

Those of you that have played the game noticed that there’s one particularly funny robot in it. That’s Pathfinder, our favorite character at the moment. Now, the creator of Chappie and the CEO of Respawn both said on Twitter that they would be willing to do a Chappie X Apex Legends crossover. What kind? It doesn’t even matter as long as it happens. Pathfinder needs more robot friends, and Chappie is the perfect buddy for him.

Apex Legends

Fortnite and PUBG don’t have charming robots in them, so that’s why Apex Legends is a better game. We’re joking of course, but people can’t deny the fact that this battle royale shooter is attracting a lot of attention right now.

The only question now is, for how long? Since Respawn did such an amazing job with the game, they just need to keep releasing new content and Apex Legends will be the new king of the battle royale genre.

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