Are We Getting A Diablo and Overwatch Anime?

Seems like Blizzard wants in on the anime front as certain information points in the direction of a Diablo and Overwatch animation project.

Diablo Overwatch anime
Diablo 4
Image credit: Blizzard

Blizzard likes to tip their toes into bountiful waters. Would any of us be surprised by a Diablo or Overwatch anime at this point? No, we wouldn’t. Blizzard fans have been asking for more animated stuff since they started releasing some of their most epic cinematic trailers. Perhaps those prayers finally reached the greedy hands of Blizzard CEOs.  But, who leaked this kind of information? No one. PCGamesN just noticed that Nick Van Dyk changed his LinkedIn profile. What does he do at Activision Blizzard? Nothing out of the ordinary. Makes a lot of money, and oh he’s working on a Diablo and Overwatch anime. Well, anime is a term used for Japanese animation, but any kind of animation should be called an anime in my opinion.

We’ll be getting the Diablo TV animated show via Netflix. Definitely a partnership that shouldn’t surprise anyone. The other part says he and some mysterious “creative partner” made and sold an animated series. One that is based on the Overwatch franchise. Strange that these things haven’t been announced or hinted at in any way by Blizzard. Maybe they want to surprise their fans? I somehow think that’s not the case. We just need some official confirmation from Blizzard regarding all this. Everything looks normal, they just need to officially confirm it.

Diablo Overwatch anime
Image credit: Blizzard

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