Are We Getting A New Devil May Cry Game?

When was the last time we got a Devil May Cry game? Devil May Cry 4 was released 10 years ago, so there was plenty of time to develop a new title, and we have to admit, we do miss Dante and his incredibly charming carefree personality. Perhaps we are going to see a new game this year, especially when you consider that E3 is right around the corner, and we all know how many new games get announced at that event. Now that we know that someone registered a domain name: it could be a confirmation that we are going to see a new game in the DMC franchise, but nothing is confirmed at this point, so we have to wait.

Devil May Cry
Game: Devil May Cry 4

A PCGamersN article pointed out that someone registered this domain on June 1, so that could mean that Capcom is laying out everything and making sure everything is ready for a Devil May Cry 5, and we sure hope they announce a new DMC game, and that this time it would feature Dante with white hair. He looks too edgy in the reboot DmC title, and even though the game itself was quite good, some would even say amazing, fans want the old Dante back.

For now, all we have to do is sit and wait for E3. It is almost upon us, so let us all pray that we receive a new DMC game with the old story and old Dante.


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