Are You Enjoying The Overwatch Halloween Event?

Another year, another month of October filled with Halloween events. Overwatch is celebrating with spooky skins and emotes, and all you have to do is to enjoy the festivities.


Every Overwatch event is basically one big ad for buying loot boxes. We’re just kidding, but that doesn’t mean that our sentence isn’t a tad bit true. Anyway, the Halloween event is here, and it brings a lot of spooky things like new skins, eerie decorations, and some exciting new activities.


The title is Overwatch Halloween Terror. What is the biggest addition? Well, most people like the new skins. As we all know, Blizzard makes pretty spectacular ones. This year you also got mesmerizing ones to look at. Bride, Enchanted Armor, Slasher: 76 is gorgeous, Banshee, and so on. The other thing that we’re looking forward to is the PvE brawl. Since this is a PvP shooter, sometimes a PvE break is all we need.


Junkenstein’s Revenge got two new heroes added to the roster. Can you guess which ones? Tracer and Brigitte. One a fast hero with incredible assault powerful power, the other a hero that excels at defense. Unlockable skins for this event include Banshee Moira, Enchanted Armor Pharah, Jack-o’-lantern Wrecking Ball. The terrific skins from last year have also returned, if you missed some then. Of course, nothing is complete without loot box promotions. Yes, buy a 50 Halloween Loot Box bundle and get 10 more. The event lasts until October 31, so their plenty of time to have fun.

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