Are You Excited For Battlefield V?

Battlefield V didn’t amass as much hype as the previous Battlefield title, but there are always loyal fans that are going to go crazy over the new game. Unlike the setting of the previous title, which was World War I, the next installment in the Battlefield franchise is going to be set in the second World War. Everyone who watched the trailer for the game knows that it isn’t really hyping anyone up for the game, as the trailer has no music, the WWII setting looks kind of janky, with people waving spiked bats around and having some sort of strange mechanical arms.

Battlefield V

Well, to be perfectly honest, we don’t exactly mind the spiked bat or the strange looking robotic arms in the WWII, but Battlefield players are usually used to realism, and this is as far away from realism as you can get, and it looks like people aren’t liking that as the official reveal video has a lot of dislikes. If you know anything about war, then you’re going to be left confused after watching the reveal trailer which makes the war look like some fun crazy rollercoaster ride.

But, we shouldn’t judge a book by its covers, as Battlefield V may not look like Battlefield 1, but it still may end up being a fun shooter, so we just have to wait for October 19, 2018, as that’s when the game is getting released.

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