Are You Ready For League of Legends Season 10?

New images started appearing on Riot’s Twitter page signaling the imminent arrival of League of Legends and its Season 10.

Image of LoL champion Azirr
Image credit: Riot Games

The calm before Season 10

Riot is hyping us for the new Season. That’s right, if you’re tired of people acting like idiots in Ranked because it’s Pre-Season, that stops soon. Well, people will always act like complete morons in Ranked, but the start of a new Season marks the end when that goes completely unpunished. Anyhow, the new mechanics and features have been unleashed on LoL’s map for a while now. New ways of play are being tested, new playstyles are being invented. Now Dragons play a really big part in the game. They were an important objective before, but now their buffs are game-changing. Once the Elemental dragons stop spawning and an Elder one spawns, it’s showtime. Killing this bad boy gives you a timed buff that executes anything that has below 20% of their maximum health

Image of LoL champion Rengar
Image credit: Riot Games

Terrain that changes

Dragons also affect the terrain. See, with the Rise of the Elements update the third drake that spawns changes the terrain. Also, for the rest of the match, only that type of dragon will spawn. That way by killing a couple of the same types of dragons you get their soul, an immensely powerful buff that lasts for the rest of the game.

Image of LoL champion Urgot
Image credit: Riot Games

Rebalancing of Lethality of items

Lethality items also got a slight nerf. They were too cost-effective. Cheap and offered a lot of Lethality. Especially Duskblade and Ghosteblade, which were core items for any and all assassins and fighters.  Now there’s a lot of different items to pick between, all of which are viable options. Well, at least most of the time. Even Edge of Night is useful now.

Image showing the date of Season 10
Image credit: Riot Games

Are you ready for League of Legends Season 10?

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