Atlas Got An Insanely Huge Update

Atlas fixed most of its problems and added an insane amount of content in its 1.5 Mega-Update.


Atlas is a game that showed a lot of promise when it was first announced, but then it launched. It launched as a completely unplayable and unoptimized title which had too many problems to even list. Now, 5 months after the game’s release, we get a super update that is bringing a lot of new stuff. The World Map has been expanded with many new islands and regions for players to explore. That’s not all , as new missions and quest lines, as well as new items also got added to the mix.

Mega-Update 1.5 is true to its name, as it really does add an obscene amount of content to Atlas. Players can also look forward to improved mechanics and various perfornmance and scalability fixes, which should have been deployed much earlier, but it’s better late than never.


An unexpceted addition is the “Colonies” game mode that has its own special offline-raiding rules. Basically, this is a mode for players that want to focus more on co-op gameplay and avoid the hostile PvP enrivonments found in the game today. We’ll even get the chance to dive deep into the blue sea with the Submarine. If that doesn’t excite you, maybe the new grappling mechanics will, even though we aren’t sure that they’re coming bug-free.


All in all, Atlas is defintely improving, and later down the line it could be the MMO experience that everyone expected it to be. As of right now, it still has a lot more to improve.

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