Back 4 Blood Update 1.08 Lets You Kick AFK Players

Eight months after the game was released, Back 4 Blood update 1.08 arrives and adds the option to kick players that are AFK of griefing others.

Back 4 Blood update 1.08
Image credit: Turtle Rock Studios

It’s strange that Back 4 Blood didn’t come with an option to kick players from a lobby. Shouldn’t all multiplayer games have that option from the start? Considering there are a lot of people that like trolling and griefing, it’s better to have one less teammate than one that’s causing problems for the whole team.

Thankfully, Back 4 Blood update 1.08 arrives with a lot of much-needed fixes. One of them lets you kick players from your match. Anyone that sits around and does nothing will get flagged. And players that deal too much friendly damage as well.

Turtle Rock spoke on this subject in the patch notes:

“We discussed this feature at length to try and do what’s best for the community, so we want to try this conditional kick feature that will only trigger if someone is playing outside the bounds of the game,”

“We also feel that the traditional Vote to Kick can be exploitable and toxic. This feature is not final and we will be monitoring it closely.”

Update 1.08 also features the Full Deck Draw feature, new banners, Cleaner skins, Legendary Accessories, sprays, emblems, and 12 new burn Cards and Warped Chest Corruption Cards. Read more about this update by checking out the full patch notes.

Back 4 Blood update 1.08
Image credit: Turtle Rock Studios

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