Backpacks Are Very Important In Outward

Outward is an hardcore RPG that has many strange features, and backpack is one of the important ones.


A hardcore RPG that blends realism and fantasy in order to bring us a unique experience. We like what we know so far about the game, even though it is another survival title. As you know, the gaming market is filled with all kinds of survival games, but this one may be different.

Outward does cater more to a hardcore audience with a map that doesn’t show you where you are. You have to figure out where you’re at exactly by noticing the landmarks and determining if you’re near one. This isn’t a game that holds your hand, we just want to see if that ends up being a challenge or just a tedious chore.


But, today we want to talk about backpacks, which play a big role in this game. You see, the backpack is your inventory in this RPG, and it decides how much stuff you can carry with you. Pick a big one, and you can stack up on food and valuables, but you will also move and dodge slower. Take a smaller one that allows you to carry a very limited amount of items, but it lets you move much faster and dodge with ease.

This is a great feature, but it seems like players can just drop their backpacks when they want to venture into a dungeon. Doesn’t that mean they can carry big backpacks and just drop them until they’ve dealt with whatever danger they’re facing?


The latest dev diary also showcases the 4 areas that we will be able to explore. Mountains, lands with ghosts and bandits, some gloomy and green place with toxic water, and a very unforgiving desert. Each one of these is jampacked with dangerous dungeons.

We’re hoping Outward turns out to be something special. It might be, judging from what we saw in these dev diaries, but we’re waiting for March 26th for the game to launch. When we play it, then we’ll know if it’s something unique or just another RPG with needleslly harsh survival elements.

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