Battleborn Shutting Down Its Servers In 2021


Battleborn struggled to find a player base ever since it first launched, and now the game is shutting down its servers in 2021.

Image credit Gearbox Software

Battleborn’s tragic destiny has been decided

Who over at Gearbox decided that it would be smart to release Battleborn at the same time when Overwatch entered the scene? Both are first-person team shooters with characters that have unique abilities. The two games are quite similar, and while Battleborn is fun in its own right, that specific market was big enough for only one game, and, unfortunately, that game wasn’t Battleborn. Now, Gearbox is finally laying its hero shooter into the casket. Players won’t be able to purchase or use in-game currency after February 2020. Then, a year after that, in January 2021, the servers are shutting down completely. It’s always depressing to see a game go, but in this case, it’s enough to make you cry. With Blizzard completely losing the trust of its fans and releasing Overwatch 2 as a standalone game instead of an expansion, this game could have been the perfect place for fans of the hero shooter to migrate to.

Try it while it’s still here

Battleborn has a PvE mode. And PvP (even though you can’t find enough players for this mode), together with really distinct characters and absolutely incredible visuals. As I’ve said before, the only mistake was entering the stage at the same time Overwatch did. Seems like one little misstep marked the game for impending doom. But, why not play it now while it’s still here? Battleborn is shutting down its servers in 2021, so there’s still plenty of time to give it a go, as it’s a free-to-play title at the moment.

Image credit Gearbox Software

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