Battlefield 1 Reaches New Heights-Now At 21 Million Players

Battlefield 1 has been reported to have sold many copies and has come up to over 21 million players as reported by the Developers of the game EA or Electronic Arts. In a release on their website, EA claimed that Battlefield 1 has over 21 million player across all platforms including PC, Xbox One and PS4. This was the reported figures for June 2017 and is slated to be up from 19 million players since March-April of 2017.

Now At 21 Million Players - HRK GAME

However, these figures are still forecasted to rise further with newer DLC and other content that will be provided as add-ons with future releases. EA plans to bring multiple expansion packs and additions to Battlefield 1 as they have already done with They Shall Not Pass announced in December 2016 and released in March of 2017. In total, four DLCs are scheduled for release, which leaves three yet unreleased which are – In The Name Of The Csar, Turning Tides and Apocalypse. It still remains to be seen how well the expansion packs perform and how much they can push the sales further up for this loved franchise.

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