Battlefield 2042 Bringing Pure, Chaotic Multiplayer Madness

Battlefield 2042 is bringing us a closer look at its multiplayer near-future combat and all the crazy situations it’s bringing with it.

Battlefield 2042 multiplayer
Image credit: DICE

Battlefield 2042 won over my heart once I saw a tornado suck up a few soldiers and threw them high up into its huge whirlwind of a body in its reveal trailer. But, then one of the soldiers deployed his wingsuit to navigate the stormy sky. I’m sure some Battlefield fans won’t love this departure from realism, but it looks fun as hell.

So, what are the new features to look forward to? Well, let’s go over them together!

No story and no battle royale mode

Yup, DICE is focusing entirely on bringing an enjoyable and fun standard multiplayer experience. Considering all the changes made to classes and the bigger maps, this is an expected change. Then again, one of the worst things about gigantic multiplayer matches like this is the size itself. Who wants to spend 10 minutes roaming the map looking for someone to kill? I know, absolutely no one!


The setting of Battlefield 2042 is the near future. Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing any crazy sci-fi weapons. Then again, you’re able to call a tank from the sky. And it can land on an enemy. But everything will be very much grounded in reality, figuratively speaking.

Maps are gigantic and made out of sectors. Each sector is a mini-battlefield in itself. Players can impact the maps since each has huge destruction set-pieces. Bringing down an entire building on the enemies’ heads sounds like a lot of fun!


This is the strangest addition, but it could be a welcome one. Usually, classes in Battlefield have restrictions. Recon gets snipers, the engineer uses an SMG, and so on. This time around, everyone gets to use the same weapons.

Yup, Battlefield 2042 will offer a crazy multiplayer experience. Why? Because each of these crazy Specialists gets one special ability and gadget exclusive to them. Grappling hooks, a revival gun, turrets, you name it.

Battlefield 2042 is coming on October 22nd on Steam, Origin, and the Epic Games Store. Are you excited for the latest Battlefield game? Let me know in the comments section down below!

Battlefield 2042 multiplayer
Image credit: DICE

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