Battlefield V Producer Talks Bringing Women Into Game

The Battlefield franchise has often been one to push the bounds of both story, gameplay, and graphics. This is the franchise that gave us the infamous “Bad Company”, as well as the graphically impressive Battlefield 3, 4, and 1. But now, with Battlefield V, they’re pushing the envelope in other ways, mainly, they’re making it so that female characters are both in the story, and a part of multiplayer. But while some are a bit put off by this (as it’s not “historically accurate”), the team at EA and DICE note that they wanted to do this for a long time.

This comes from DICE executive producer Aleksander Grondal, who talked with GamesRadar and noted that not only is he fine with women being in Battlefield V, he wanted to bring them into Battlefield 1 originally:

“I mean, if we were getting on the bandwagon, I created Battlefield 1, and we could’ve ‘jumped on the bandwagon’ that time around,”

Battlefield V

Ironically, Battlefield 1 did have women in the title, but only via the DLC In The Name Of The Tsar, but to have it like this is much bigger, and more pronounced.

“I think it’s a shame we didn’t [add women], because that perhaps would’ve been better for us. I don’t think it’s a bandwagon thing, I think it’s about gamers wanting to express themselves in different ways. If you take a look at Battlefield historically, it’s been about expressing yourself through gameplay, solving problems the way you want to, and these characters fall perfectly in line with that thinking.”

This isn’t the first time bringing female characters into a wartime shooter has gotten controversy. Call of Duty Ghosts had the same problem when they revealed that you could be a female character in the multiplayer.

We’ll just have to see how it all turns out when Battlefield V arrives October 19th.

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