Battlefield V Team Promises Better Communication

In this modern age of gaming, communication between developer and gamer is more important than ever. For the gamers have never had more power in terms of influencing what goes into a game and what doesn’t, and developers now have multiple tools to make sure that the game gets to the level it needs to be to please as many gamers as possible. But, with Battlefield V, that hasn’t been going on in the eyes of its players. EA and DICE have heard this and are going to change that.

In a post on the Battlefield V website, they outlined how they are going to change the communication between devs and players:

As we move forward, we’ll be bringing you updates (through Community Broadcasts) on a regular cadence, covering a wide range of topics. We want to share with you what we have been working on, take you behind the curtain of the team. We also want to tackle the topics that are most important to you. If you’d like us to talk about a specific topic, whether it’s related to content that’s on the horizon or perhaps you’ve got an interest into how we leverage heatmaps to improve the gameplay experience, then let us know. We very much want these Broadcasts to be owned by the community.

Battlefield V

They are also promising to not keep as many things in the dark in regards to content:

We are going to bring back Dev Talks in a more refined platform. We are going to restart our Dev Twitter takeovers and we are also planning a series of Studio Live Streams to go in-depth on upcoming content and changes that we are making to the game. When we have new content to talk about, we will talk about it AND show it. If we’re planning to make tweaks, you’ll hear why. When we make mistakes, or something goes wrong. We will talk about it.

Whether this works to the level that gamers want is up in the air, but there’s no doubt that EA and DICE are trying to make things better.

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