Battlefield V Update Coming For Firestorm

EA and DICE have been working hard to make it so that Battlefield V is a complete package of a title. Which they kept their word on with their Firestorm update that brought the Battle Royale mode to the game. Adding more variety to the title. But, like all modes, it needs refining and tuning and such, and now a new update has been revealed by the team showcasing what will be updated and fixed.

The update comes out today, and will do the following:

This update contains improvements over a wide variety of features, such as tweaks to vehicles, soldiers, and weapons. We’ve also improved Firestorm in several ways. Additionally, there are many other additions that will be enabled through the upcoming Tides of War missions.

Battlefield V

As for the fixes, here are the highlights:

  • ixed the Valentine Autoloader Specialization, which was unintentionally active even if it wasn’t selected. After this change, Valentine Mk VIII tanks without the Specialization will see a 10% decrease in rate of fire.
  • Fixed the position of the muzzle flash from the gunner positions of multiple vehicles.
  • Updated the smoke screen effect for the Panzer 38t and Staghound. The smoke now lasts longer and has more potential for creative use.
  • Made the vehicle equipment smoke a bit more useful by increasing the area of smoke by roughly 15-25%.
  • Improved the visual effects for the 20mm cannon on the Panzer 38(t) and Staghound which now have a red or yellow tint depending on if they are HE or AP rounds.
  • The bleed out state is no longer triggered if players choose to redeploy while they are in the top gunner seat of the Staghound.
  • The Lattey sights are no longer missing a part of their scope on the Sten when using the default skin.
  • The cooldown for the Syringe no longer breaks when entering/exiting a vehicle.
  • Removed an unintended delay when switching between the primary weapon and sidearm.
  • The Syringe should now always be visible when performing a revive.
  • M30 Drilling: It is now possible to change the firing mode during the first half second of a reload.
  • Switching firing modes and switching to secondary weapons with a controller is now more responsive.
  • Changed the way camera recoil works. When firing, weapons are now allowed to go a bit more off center. The true point of aim will follow the weapon and is not fixed to the screen center. (This change note was mistakenly included in earlier update notes, the actual change has been implemented for this update.)

Check out the full patch notes for a full breakdown of everything.

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