Be Wary of Halo Infinite Story Spoilers

It seems someone managed to dig up some Halo Infinite story spoilers from this week’s technical multiplayer preview.

Halo Infinite story spoilers
Image credit: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s is probably one of the most anticipated releases of this year. I mean, Halo’s making a comeback with a brand new story and a free2play multiplayer mode. Its multiplayer segment seems like its hitting all the right notes with:

On another note, this week’s technical preview let players enjoy some multiplayer mayhem with the bots. That is until some data miners found some Halo Infinite story spoilers.

As you can imagine, the fans are furious. “Why are people blaming the guys that are looking through the games files when 343 are the ones that left all that shit in there” is just one of many replies condemning 343 Industries’ incompetence in this regard.

Halo Infinite’s story is highly anticipated so I can understand the frustration behind these comments. But are the fans taking it too far, or is their unbridled rage justified in this case? What do you think?

Halo Infinite story spoilers
Image credit: 343 Industries

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